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Saturday, July 7, 2012

I Want/ I Have

I am going to hold my breath and plunge through this.

I am looking inside my fridge, and although it's filled with food, this is what runs through my mind "boring food".

Morning rush - I throw clothes all over the floor saying I have nothing to wear. Just the other day a young girl asks me whether I have lots of clothes or not. I tell her how I calculate that. I usually do laundry every two weeks, and if I go over the three week line, I still have lots of clothes to choose from. AND chances are, there are more than a few clothes that never get touched for more than months.

I live in this material world, and I cannot blame anyone else but myself for being materialistic. Could you imagine going to a third world country, and saying, "I won't eat that, it's blah"?

Even though I know this truth, this truth is hard to live by. I've taken steps to change my outlook on having "boring food" or "no clothes". The solution - be creative and resourceful. With clothes you can mix and match. With food go on-line for new recipe ideas, buy different kinds of foods- so that one can have many meal options.

One of my problems with this is that doing the same thing takes less time and less effort. But I need to go against that mindset because the truth is that I want what I want until I have it. There's a saying "gratitude is saying thank-you to God." And so I want to live that. I want to live in such a way that social justice and love are part of me.

By being: creative, resourceful, and thankful, I can understand what I have, and put an effort towards helping those that do not have. This is not a guilt trip tactic, this is reality that embraces beauty by being considerate of the situation in our yard and others' backyards.

So my "I wants" become "I haves" and looks beneath the surface to envision a world that meets needs and wants.

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