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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Changing Seasons

In Edmonton, Autumn has always been my favourite season. To me it marks a sudden change. Usually the first indicator for a new school year, it always brought to my attention a change of routine. Most importantly, it renewed my hope for a fresh new start. The colors of this season brings peace and a sense of renewed strength to serve God in new and challenging ways.

I feel that this fall I have enjoyed it more than others. Maybe it was because this time around there were changes but not too many at the same time. Now that Winter is around the corner, there are new adventures to embark on. And the whispers of Christmas lift me up.

These new adventures I know will again stretch me and bring me closer to my many destinations. Also this Autumn in particular reinforced in me the concept of letting go and trusting that the Good Lord will provide even though many times I felt like I was "at the end of my ropes".

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