In Pursuit of my Personal Legend

Thursday, November 3, 2011



I was looking for love in the wrong places. And I wasn’t even new to the fact that Christ was there for me. I had embraced that truth. Yet still I was restless and for awhile there placed myself through fire and I got burned badly. I stayed away from church for a month or so. I kept feeling dirty.

But you know what? The minute that I started to feel sorry for what I had done, I felt redemption all around, even before I entered the confessional. Christ forgave me. And it’s not the kind of forgiveness that says “I understand that you felt bad for what you did. So I forgive you but I am keeping my eyes still open”. It’s the kind of forgiveness that says “I will cast your sins from my back”. In other words all is forgotten. I am a new creation and washed white all over, stainless.
This gift of redemption fills me full until my cup is brimming.

Another surprising factor about redemption is that is makes us face our insecurities and begin to understand that we truly are our own worst judges. Christ tells Mary Magaldaene “I too don’t find any sin. Go in peace and sin no more.” With those words He conforms that He doesn’t find anything against us and we shouldn’t behold judgement on ourselves from others or own negative self evaluation.

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