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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our Space Together

(I am part of a faith jamming group of bloggers with the Faith Barista. Every Thursday she challenges countless bloggers to jam about their journey of faith. Her link is on the bottom of the page)

When I think of what you, Bonnie, call "whitespace" I think of stolen moments throughout my day with God. I think of times during the day when His name is desperate on my lips because I am so close to getting in trouble or I am in a sticky situation. I also think of times when His name is on my heart on inspiring summer days when I can feel Him in each blade of grass, each caress of the wind and His reflection on the sparkling river I pass each day I go to work.
During these times whether our conversation is brief or not- the feeling of being overwhelmed fills me. There seems to be so much to do and yet so little time. For me, though I don't have the responsibility of a family, my long commute to and from work overwhelms me when I get home. Everything in the house is scattered : clothes, dishes, and always tons and tons of paperwork. I am brought to Him in our space together asking "when do I have time for this . . ."

As I enter into His grace and I let Him coax me in, just simply breathing - everything seems to look a little more doable. He tells me in our space together that He is in control. I need to take each task one at a time. I need to prioritize and accept at the same time that there will be some hectic days when I come home burnt out, collapsing in bed and not getting anything on the list done  - AND IT'S OK. Then days of accomplishing a lot before bedtime will come too BUT I need to learn to balance the two different days and let His life flow through me in everyday.


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