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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Usually when I read what Bonnie's topic for the Faith Jam Thursdays are I am psyched, and by the end of the week I'm bombarded by keeping up with my schedule to post anything. Today, I'm prepared to write. However, when I saw the topic on the screen: trust, I hesitated thinking to myself, "I don't want to do it on this topic. There's nothing I can come up with for this."

An hour passes, as I go about checking my emails, facebook, and browse around the web. It hits me, I don't want to talk about trust, because I struggle with it. So like a lot of things that I push away, I revisit again. Not because I am eager, or have nothing better to (insert lame laughter here), but because of the simple promise I made to myself journeying through 2011. I promised myself that I will not do something, simply because of fear. And so here I trudge along with trust and decide to string a couple words together on how I feel and perceive trust .  

Thanks, Bonnie for challenging me to this.

Hands too afraid to clasp,
Afraid the other will let go.
The heart faltering,
To just have a whisper
Of assurance, to keep going onwards.

Life's challenges,
Swarming, spinning,
Leaving me dizzy,
Suspicions arise 
That the ultimate Love
Promise is not meant 
For me.

Soul boundless,
Longing to grip
The Hand of the Spirit.
One hand grips the Saviour's.
The other hand compelled
To connect with others.
Words echo to remind 
Me that one does
Not go through life
Motionless, singular.

Life meant to live 
In community.
Fear clutches,
Not wanting to reach
To embrace.
Uncertainty fidgets 
Holds on for awhile,
Lets go.

I start back at one
Hands too afraid to clasp. . .
My eyes stray to 
One outside of me,
Knowing one day
Both hands will
Hold will be stretched in 

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