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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Finding Community

(In) Courage bloggers challenges its on-line community to find creative and practical ways to build a local community. The prompt is suppose to be for Fridays but since I had some lee-way today I thought why not do it on Tuesday? Then I'll link it up on Friday. Although, it won't be a Five-minute endeavour.

Having formed our new group on Facebook, my friend Tracheal and along with a bunch of us girls decided to form a group that lets us live our fullest. We focus on inner growth to sustain joy and outer growth to build stronger links to one another, cause the truth is we are not born to live this life alone.

What do we exactly do in Joy to Live (the name that Rachel beautifully chose)? Every second Sunday, we do something the group has an interest in. For example this Sunday, our first official event, we are making a vision board. We will be cutting pictures of anything that means something to us. It can be a quote we like, pictures of ourselves, our favourite food, or favourite activities and glue on, on some type of paper. (I've never done one so do not know all the intricacies involved in it). In the end of the collage we think of what our interests are and where we are heading in life.

Some other things we have planned are: seeing a play, going to the local art museum, doing zumba and painting some pots we can get at the dollar store.  For zumba we have two great ladies in the group who are such fabulous and aspiring teachers.

It's an open club that welcomes all that are interested and we find something affordable, environmental friendly and doable. I am definitely psyched for it and will keep everyone posted!

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