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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Easter Monday - Another Trek by the River

Another evening walk down by the Saskatchewan River. This time I find new trails. The more interesting ones are the unmarked ones, only discovered through the ground that yields no plantation. I follow these paths, leaning in closer to the sounds of the river. Today, the islands of snow become mere clumps of snow.

As I walk eastward, I discover benches calling me to stick around for reading and studying. Maybe tomorrow I may bring my books. Who knows? Aristotle might make more sense by the riverside. I did tackle him today beside my balcony windows, hoping that the sun might shed some light on his numerous words that form mazes in my head. Pondering these, I spot four seagulls on the horizon. Now only three are left then two, then back to three as the sunlight plays tricks on my eyes.

 For a moment I take off my sunglasses, basking in the even more serene sight, I am amazed by nature's beauty despite the stink of the sun's rays on my sensitive eyes. I decide that if I can I will unveil my eyes from shaded glasses, to grasp this wondrous site. For the shades dim the view and discolour it, losing the real colours of the water, sky and plants surrounding me here by the Saskatchewan River.  The faraway sound of the geese get closer, and I am just in time to see two geese sweep above me. I see their immensity and the grace they display as they fly to seek another side of the riverbank.

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