In Pursuit of my Personal Legend

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday

Stuffed, walking outside by the river,
Snow and leaves crunch under my black boots.
Sun brings blue brilliance to the sky.
I put my sunglasses on to watch
Faltering steps caused by
The daunting light of the sun.

My breath comes out free but
Lips are opened in a shape of o,
Surprised to find myself standing
So high from the riverbank.
I watch islands of snow
Float across the river.
Wild geese call to each other,
Sometimes answered by the squeal of
Magnificent flying magpies.

Glancing down again, I am
Tempted to dive into the murky waters
Of the river.
I stop myself thinking of
The long way down.
The icy water not yet
Recovered from winter will leave me
Cold and disappointed.

Yes winter still lingers,
Though spring's sunshine melts
The snow, clearing the
Ground for hopeful walkers,
Needing a break from
Studying and self.
This visit from spring leads me
From being buried in despair,
Reconnecting with new Life
That defeats physical and
Emotional death.

Walking onwards,
I discover my only way back
Is to retrace my steps or to
Climb up steep marks
That are substituted for stairs,
Now covered by snow.
I chose to climb, trudging,
Almost on all fours,
Gently grabbing skinny trees,
Thrilled that I can be
Fearless in some areas of my life.
I dug the fence, fingers cold, knowing
I must get back.

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